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Your Resource for Latina Wellness

Celebrate Your Culture and Identity Through Food


Who We Are

Briauna Ramirez and Mariana Rodriguez

Viva la Comida was founded by Briauna Ramirez and Mariana Rodriguez and, registered dietitian nutritionists who grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona is a diverse community with many Hispanic influences. Our Latina roots have brought us culture, tradition, and a love for food.

We are here to challenge and overcome the health equities faced in our Latine community. We promise to provide evidence-based, accessible and inclusive care to help you achieve your health goals. Most importantly, we are here to teach you how the foods you love and cherish can be a part of your health.

Viva la Comida's mission is to empower our community to celebrate their culture and identity through food by providing inclusive nutrition education.


Join the Viva la Comida Community

Coming Soon!

Want to be part of a community that will support you in your health journey and embrace your cultura? Join the Viva la Comida Community! This community is for anyone who wants to learn about nutrition, work on health goals, and meet like-minded Latinas.


Coming soon to the Viva la Comida Community:

  • Exclusive access to nutrition and wellness workshop

  • Wellness events (hiking, yoga)

  • Social events

  • A community you can rely on! 

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How We Help

Online Nutrition and Health Coaching

One-on-one nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian. Your registered dietitian can treat health-related diseases with nutrition, help you achieve your health goals, and much more! Get started by scheduling a free Goal Setting Session. 

Nutrition and Wellness Workshops

Are you interested in nutrition education classes for your company or group? We provide group nutrition classes on a variety of nutrition and health topics.

Recipes and Wellness

Keep up to date with our latest recipes featuring Latin foods and trending nutrition and health topics. We also share info on our instagram @vivala.comida.

Partnership Opportunities

Viva la Comida is always looking for opportunities to collaborate, share, and partner with individuals and organizations that serve our community. Send us a message to connect!

Supporting Diversity in Dietetics

Are you an aspiring RD2BE or a dietetic intern? We help diverse students learn about becoming a dietitian, help build skills to work in a variety of settings, and offer mentorship opportunities.

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